Haysam has a long list of successfully completed projects in his rapid rise from project manager to project director. He is the first member of the APG team, having been with the company since incorporation, and is credited with successfully completed half of APG’s projects.

His ability to accentuate the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and safety of projects, has been a significant point in Alliance Project Group’s success. Along with his many years of project management experience, his well-honed skills have also shaped the streamlined approach to how projects are completed.

With a sharp eye for detail, exceptional knowledge of construction processes and procedures and years of on-site experience, Haysam is a major player in the Alliance Project Group management team and has been a critical point in shareholder satisfaction.

Having worked on several multi-million-dollar projects, Haysam has always gone beyond the pale to continue to provide that expertise, pure care for the product and client satisfaction.