Rouad Elayoubi


Rouad has a strong heritage and connection to the Sydney Property and Construction Market. With a tenure of more than 23 years, and delivery experience of more than $1.5 billion in project value, he has successfully completed major projects across Australia’s Economic Capital.

Listed among Australia’s Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs of 2018 by Business News Australia, Rouad has developed a reputation for being the driving force behind the delivery of award-winning projects for private developers, fund managers, consortia and financial institutions.

Over the years, Rouad has developed and nurtured a great aptitude for entrepreneurship, venture capital, property development and project delivery. Following his involvement with some of Australia’s leading property development and construction companies, Rouad founded Alliance Project Group in 2011, with the aim of creating a dynamic organisation that met a clear need in the market for quality construction and innovative turnkey solutions.

At the core of his inherent commitment is the vision of delivering quality projects, with the goal of generating a sustainable future for his clients and people, and building vibrant communities.

Haysam Tissini

Project Director

Haysam has a long list of successfully completed projects in his rapid rise from project manager to project director. He is the first member of the APG team, having been with the company since incorporation, and is credited with successfully completed half of APG’s projects.

His ability to accentuate the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and safety of projects, has been a significant point in Alliance Project Group’s success. Along with his many years of project management experience, his well-honed skills have also shaped the streamlined approach to how projects are completed.

With a sharp eye for detail, exceptional knowledge of construction processes and procedures and years of on-site experience, Haysam is a major player in the Alliance Project Group management team and has been a critical point in shareholder satisfaction.

Having worked on several multi-million-dollar projects, Haysam has always gone beyond the pale to continue to provide that expertise, pure care for the product and client satisfaction.

Kosta Koutoukos

Business Development Manager

Kosta brings to Alliance Project Group extensive years of expertise within the Development and Construction Industry during which he has been a key person in identifying new business, joint ventures and has been responsible for equity structure as well as undertaking feasibility studies on development opportunities. His career has spanned multiple relevant roles including vast development management experience within the residential and commercial sector of all major metropolitan markets.

Kosta’s duties comprise of identifying and securing development opportunities in New South Wales, which also entails his responsibility to ensure conversion rates, increase and maintain client confidence, and sustained business activity.

His commitment and perseverance to drive performance improves the company’s relationships with its clients whilst endorsing the vision and values of the organisation. His dynamic approach allows our stakeholders and clientele to work with confidence and trust and gives Alliance the opportunity to stand out in the construction industry.

Tariq Elayoubi

Construction Manager

Tariq brings to Alliance Project Group a broad depth of experience in the construction industry and has been vital in the projects that APG has undertaken.

His role as Construction Manager is to oversee all projects ensuring that they meet not only the requirements of the Client and WHS, but also APG’s own high standards. In addition to the management of onsite construction, Tariq also provides valuable input into the design development of projects to ensure their build-ability and compliance.

He has a track record of delivering quality projects largely due to a proactive approach in seeking better ways and opportunities to add value to projects.

Hanan Mansor

Senior Design Manager

Hanan Mansor has over 25 years of experience in project management and construction design management, spread over three continents. In her capacity as a Design Manager, Hanan has been involved in successfully delivering government funded Major Projects and privately funded Large to Medium scale projects. She has proven technical and practical skills in managing the processes of design throughout the construction lifecycle.

At Alliance, Hanan provides leadership to our design management team on design processes and technical expertise with an innovative approach in delivering practical, compliant and cost-effective solutions for our clients whilst achieving the project intent.

Katherine Kelly

Design Manager

Katherine Horsley is a proactive and motivated design manager with a passion for delivering high quality and precise design outcomes.

Drawing from her experience as an Architect, Katherine poses a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail whilst also demonstrating a willingness to grow and adapt within the
ever-evolving construction Industry.

Her ability to promote ideas and strength in forming collaborative relationships with people throughout the project lifespan aligns with the values of Alliance Project Group.

Paul Kellaway

HSE Officer

Paul is an exceptional and qualified WHS advisor experienced in the protocols necessary to minimize on-the-job health, safety and environmental occupational risks. Through management of appropriate personnel, he ensures all project work areas are in compliance with company and regulatory requirements.
With 5 years in the industry, Paul has developed and cultivated an outstanding ability to evaluate compliance processes with clients, staff and industry leaders. Being passionate about workplace health and safety, he has delivered tangible improvements to company safety.

Jalal Mayouf


Jalal is a CPA qualified Accountant with over 8 years’ extensive experience in the Finance and Construction sector. His meticulous attention to detail and dissection of financials and stakeholder management plays a key role to drive improvements, efficiencies, and best practice. With a strong knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles he has a record of success delivering results specifically on organisational strategies and goals.

Jalal has an ability to work both autonomously with a deadline driven approach, and in a close team environment. He works together with senior leadership team to convey the key financial/commercial drivers of the business. He has experience with statutory reporting and handling external audits but has a passion in management and motivating others to reach their full potential.

Gladys Zheng


Holding a civil engineering master’s degree, Gladys has been involved in the construction industry for 5 years but has spent her recent years in an Estimating role. She has been involved in multiple facets of the industry, highly successful at finding cost-effective solutions to commonplace and complex construction challenges.