Mission Statement

To deliver high-quality cost-effective construction projects within agreed schedules by employing and supporting motivated flexible and focused teams.

We value stakeholder relationships and continue to be fair and ethical in our dealings. We achieve this by employing coherent project planning strategies, ongoing communication, rigorous safety procedures and a productive team of high morale.

Core Values

Our clients rely on our dependability, drive and integrity. We take considerable pride in our reputation and achievements and build upon these consistently.

The values of APG are the cornerstone on which our culture is built. These are embedded in our policies, and detail what is expected of the company, management and the entire team.

Turnkey Solutions

Acquisition Research & Planning

Our extensive market knowledge and experience allows us to assist our clients with the due diligence process, land acquisitions, development feasibility, site due diligence and joint venture opportunities.

Feasibility Assessment

Implementing the latest technology, we analyse project completion success probabilities, assess the key performance indicators for development appraisals and precisely quantify the Profit Margin, Residual Land Value, NPV and IRR.

DA & Design

We draw upon substantial expertise across a range of disciplines including architecture, structural, civil and service engineering as well as building and construction. Our team's input into the DA and design phase of a project allows for the achievement of innovative solutions all aspects of design and services.

Building & Construction

We bring to each project substantial construction expertise and knowledge gained from completing a variety of major residential, commercial, educational and other projects. Being specialists in our field, we can recommend the most appropriate method of delivery to suit our clients programme and budgetary requirements.

Strata & Stratum Survey Registration

We understand the complexity that is involved in the final project stage for the registration of the strata or stratum. Our team are well versed in the procedure associated with this registration as well as understand the requirements dictated by the Land Registry Service.

Project Handover

Handover is a major milestone in Alliance Project Groups’ turnkey approach which occurs in the transition between project completion and commencement of a building operations. Our integrated management system clearly defines a stringent handover procedure, which entails Defect close out, Compliance, certification and occupation certificates, Strata and stratum survey and registration, testing and commissioning, Handover manuals and reports.

Systems & Procedures

Our company policies and procedures are the framework through which we maintain an excellent level of professionalism and trust between ourselves and our clients.

Integrated Management System

Created to maximise the quality of the services we deliver to our clients, and to ensure that key business objectives are achieved. We incorporate our IMS for best practices in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety outcomes. These systems comply with both international and national standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, along with a Master Builder’s certification. They are in constant review and under scrutinising audits to create an environment of continuous improvement.

Quality Management & Assurance

Accredited with best practices in Occupational Health & Safety Systems, Quality Management Systems and Environmental Systems, we further build upon our considerable commitment to the quality process and ensure that our clients’ expectations are met or exceeded. APG recognise that quality is not a problem, but rather a solution. We believe that the essence of quality management is the ability to treat problems with the system and workforce simultaneously.

Workplace Health & Safety

We take our responsibility as an employer and principal contractor for the well-being of our employees and subcontractors alike, placing the highest priority on a workplace that is safe. It is a requirement for all present on an APG worksite to engage in reasonable care for the safety of all. The implementation of our WH&S Management System ensures compliance with all relevant legislation, codes and standards in each area of its operation.

Environmental Sustainability

Alliance Project Group recognises the enormous challenges the community faces regarding environmental sustainability and is committed to implementing effective environmental practices into its daily business process. All staff are encouraged and trained to be compliant with our environmental policies and practices.

Industry Certifications & Accreditations

ISO Certification for IMS

ISO certification is the foundation stone upon which Alliance Project Group builds trust with our stakeholders and clients, ensuring delivery of excellence in our design and construct services and project solutions. We are proud owners of an Integrated Management System (IMS) which has been certified and accredited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the largest professional services firms in the world in ISO 9001: Quality Management, ISO 14001: Environmental Management and ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management.

iCIRT Rating

We are proud to share that both Alliance Project Group and its related party support company have achieved iCIRT rating, joining the growing number of builders and developers that have been through an independent and rigorous review process to achieve their iCIRT star-rating recognition.

Integrated Management System

Our Integrated Management System is accredited by Master Builders Association in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management.

NSW Government Prequalified Contractor

Alliance Project Group has been accredited with the NSW Government Contractor Prequalification and Best Practice Accreditation for Construction and Related Works valued $10M and over.