Al-Faisal College – Austral Campus: Practical Completion 2019!

Practical completion achieved ahead of schedule at our education project in Austral.
A big congratulations to our Al-Faisal College, Austral Campus Project Team on achieving Practical Completion on three additional stages to the existing school buildings in Austral, twelve weeks ahead of schedule. The purpose of Stages 4, 5 & 6 was to introduce more educational facilities for the large number of students who will be attending the school in the near future. This included four brand new science and technology laboratories, a food technology kitchen, chemical storage rooms, a visual arts room, two new concrete playgrounds and assembly areas, four new staff rooms and amenities for all. The team worked diligently to complete the three stages in the most effective and efficient manner, whilst maintaining the utmost safety protocols to protect school students, staff and parents – it was a feat for Alliance to be proud of.For more information, see the Al-Faisal College – Austral Campus, Stages 4, 5 & 6 projects in our Projects page.,

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