APG sets the platform for Young / Future Leaders

Preparing these young leaders for the world and preparing the world for them!
Alliance Project Group (APG) embraced workmanship by offering experiences for those aspiring to venture into new horizons.We have sought tenacious recruits keen to launch their career through the APG Cadet Program which invites undergraduates to master the skills of the field whilst offering opportunities to network and become an integral member of the industry.APG’s dedication in offering an exclusive journey for cadets, has been one that foresees a successful transition from undergraduate initiate to experienced professional. Undergraduates with academic roots in Project Management, Construction Management, Design, Structural and Civil Engineering, Law and Commerce have been able to rapidly develop the skills and abilities required to undertake management roles within the organisation from Project Management, Contract Administration, Contract Management, Design Management to Site Engineering and Site Management.An APG tenor has also allowed participants to see firsthand the booming reality behind a successful company, with mentoring being provided through every stage of a project. This uniquely developed program has fostered skilled experts, preparing them to face the intense demands of the industry. Cadets have been trained by experienced managers and adhere to organised programs that assist with their learning and mastery of their role. Undergraduates are also involved heavily in field work, providing them with on-site practice, and have been integrated in such a manner as to be a part of an elite team that shares a collective vision.APG thrives on cooperation, with a strong focus on investing in its teams; pushing members to the next level. This program aims to secure distinct individuals determined to make a difference in the community and lead future projects.With the above outlook, APG has been able to produce some of the youngest Project Managers and Design Managers in the industry, cultivating commitment and energy to produce a benefit to both the organisation, the community and themselves. The organisation’s values of integrity, honesty, accountability and teamwork, has allowed them to transcend their own limitations and expectations, building up a repertoire of confidence, skill and enhanced professionalism.

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