Alliance Project Group (APG) recently visited the Sydney Children’s hospital in Randwick, touring the newly commissioned Bright Alliance building.

In a year filled with international sporting upsets, from Leicester City in the premier league to the Cronulla Sharks in the NRL, you could almost be excused for missing out on Sydney’s Oztag surprise packets. Alliance Project Group’s staffturned-footballers joined the local Oztag competition in late September 2016 with the humble aim of simply progressing to the finals whilst providing a social platform for its employees to connect outside work.

With the recent commissioning of the Bright Alliance Building by the Sydney Children’s hospital foundation (SCHF) still making the local news headlines, Alliance Project Group took the opportunity to sponsor such a worthy cause, providing a new impetus for APG’s employees to participate in the Oztag competition. This forms part of a wider initiative by APG to achieve its corporate social responsibility goals and ultimately serve the community.

The Bright Alliance building is a multi-disciplinary facility utilised by the Sydney Children’s hospital, Prince of Wales Hospitaland the Royal hospital for Women. The facility aims to centralise the health operations of the Randwick hospitals whilst also embarking on its own specific projects.

With the competition housing a multitude of local talent and international Oztag players, APG decided to donate $50 for every try scored with the respectable goal of raising total of $5,000.00 for the season.However this figure was quickly surpassed as APG’s employees rallied behind the initiative. Moreover, the far -reaching effects of this humble initiative allowed our stakeholders to pledge their support by joining the competition in an effort to score as many tries as possible to donate to the Sydney Children’s hospital foundation.

During the hospital tour, APG assessed the hospital’s requirements and explored other fundraising opportunities with the Sydney Children’s hospital team to provide ongoing financial support.

Ziad Ghenim, APG’s Project Director, echoed the thoughts of the Sydney Children’s hospital team during the tour.

“The Bright Alliance Building is a crucial piece of infrastructure required to advance Australia’s medical research programs.

Many of the developed countries such as Japan and the USA have introduced such facilities and it is good to see Australia follow suit.” Ziad stated.

While Rouad El-Ayoubi, APG’s Director, pledged his support to the Sydney Children’s hospital foundation.

“As Alliance Project Group continues to grow, it is imperative that we also recognise the needs of our community and give back at any possible opportunity.

Alliance Project Group’s commitment to the community is enshrined in the company’s values of integrity and transparency.” Rouad commented. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Sydney Children’s hospital foundation in the future.” Rouad added.
Alliance Project Group looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Sydney Children’s hospital foundation while developing new community ventures in 2017.

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