Alliance Project Group allies with Camp Quality and Sarraf Strata to improve the lives of Children and Families experiencing Cancer Challenges
Recently Alliance Project Group (APG) collaborated with Sarraf Strata, to make a significant donation to Camp Quality. Camp Quality is a fantastic cause, with a purpose to create improved quality of life for every child impacted by cancer in Australia. The services Camp Quality provide for children (aged 0-13 years) impacted by cancer and their families help create a better life through programs to encourage optimism and resilience throughout each stage of their cancer experience.Alliance Project Group wishes to congratulate Norman Sarraf, the Director of Sarraf Strata on their pledge to raise $1 million within five years, and we are pleased to have contributed to this cause.Team members of Alliance Project Group were humbled recently to receive an award from both Norman Sarraf and Camp Quality, as pictured. We donate to organisations that mirror our company values, which includes positivity, resilience, optimism, elevated quality of life, and fostering family and community cohesion to spur each other on to even greater heights.At Alliance Project Group, we are proud to support charitable organisations, as this offers numerous benefits, to both APG and various charities, but the most important one is obvious: we know we should give back to our community, and have done so for many years now. Charitabledonations help us better our community. The opportunities to assist various organisations are endless and extremely rewarding and helpful. We also know that this is just one way to engage our team, to participate in these charitable projects, and align our values with causes that have the greatest meaning to our workforce and our organisation as a whole.Similarly, our donations have allowed us to take more active interests in our own community, and have led to a significant boost in team morale, as well as elevated our workplace culture to higher levels, and increased team involvement and engender an even more positive attitude.

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